Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Doors and Their Openers

A home's garage door and its opener are very important for any homeowner, as the door provides security and insulation for the garage, and a durable opener is needed so that you're not stuck with a broken opener and a heavy door that you need to open or close manually. A durable opener also means fewer repairs over the years. To ensure you have the right door and garage door opener, note a few questions you might have about your options for each, and discuss your needs with a garage door installer as needed.

What are the different types of drives for a garage door?

The drive for a garage door refers to how the opener actually operates when the motor engages. A screw drive has heavy-duty screws, and these models are usually reserved for large, industrial-style doors. A belt drive is a type of rubber belt that is much quieter, as the rubber helps to insulate the noise of the drive as it operates. However, the rubber may not be strong enough for anything other than a lightweight vinyl or PVC garage door.

A chain drive is a good compromise between these two types; a chain is strong enough to hold a heavy metal or wood door, but doesn't offer more power and strength than you need for a residential garage. A chain drive may not be as quiet as a belt drive, but for larger and heavier doors, it won't be as likely to snap or crack over the years.

What's the difference between a sectional and a roller door?

It can be easy to confuse a sectional and roller door, as they both roll to open, as opposed to a panel door, which is one solid piece that swings out and then uses wheels to run along a track on the garage ceiling. A sectional door has many horizontal sections that are attached in the back with hinges, and these sections turn on the hinges as the door opens and closes. A roller door will usually be made with a mesh material, and will literally roll into a cassette above the door. A sectional door is easier to manage manually than a panel door, since those sections help to disperse the weight of the door, whereas a roller door opens up the space along the garage ceiling, so you can use it for storage or to more easily manage a taller vehicle.

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