Does Your Garage Door Get Stuck While Opening? Here's Why

An automated garage door is a great convenience in every home. Besides the fact that you can open and close it remotely, the technology employed in designing the garage door opener increases security and deters burglars from your home. Unfortunately, automated garage door may not always be reliable. There are times when the door may get stuck along the tracks and fail to open or close entirely. Such a situation can be quite frustrating, but if you understand what the problem is, you can quickly solve it and restore the door's operation. Read on to learn some of the top reasons why your garage door may get stuck while opening and what you can do about the problem.

There is little or no lubrication

A garage door has components that require regular lubrication to work correctly. These include the vertical or horizontal tracks and the opener's chain. If these parts have little or no lube, they will hang mid-operation and prevent the garage door from responding to the opener. You can correct this by lubricating the door once you notice that its response is slower than usual. You can use the standard lubricant that's applied to your vehicle parts or other moving machinery. Lubrication not only helps in operation but also prevents garage door components from premature wear as a result of grinding against each other.

The sensors have been triggered

Automated garage doors have sensors that are located on the sides of the door just near the ground. The sensors are safety devices that should identify anything that's in the way of the door and stop it from opening or closing. For instance, if your pet or kid is in the way, the sensors will deactivate the door and prevent them from closing in on the child or pet. However, the sensors cannot differentiate a child from a toy, stone or any other debris on the door. Therefore, if anything is in the way, it will jam the door. Inspect the area along the tracks to ensure that no debris is causing the sensors to respond. Keep the garage door area clear at all times.

The track is worn out

A worn track is one of the reasons why your garage door may get stuck while opening. Wear can be caused by damage due to age or impact from tools in your garage. If something heavy falls on the track and dents them, this will cause the door to jam as you open it. Note that wear that results from exposure to snow and freezing temperatures can also cause the garage door to stick. If this happens, you have to repair the tracks to restore the normal operation of the door.

Contact a professional for garage door services if the problem doesn't go away after following these tips.

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