Snazzy Options for Garage Doors That Make your Home Shine

Although often thought as a purely functional space, garage doors are no longer a design afterthought. From stylish wooden garage doors to beautiful driveways, homeowners are now paying more attention to garage doors for stylish garage doors for strong outdoor connections.

If you're in the market for a new garage door or looking to upgrade for an improved curb appeal, here are garage door options that will adapt to a high level of finish and style.

Rolling garage doors

As the name implies, the roller door rolls up into a box at the head of the garage and does so automatically with a simple touch of a button on a garage door opener. Roller doors are by far the most popular garage doors and for good reasons.

Roller doors are very user-friendly and are a great ceiling space saver. With roller doors, you can park right up against the garage without worrying about the door leaving a mark on your car when you open it. Roller doors also offer excellent security and safety features.

Side sliding garage doors

Side sliding doors offer a contemporary design that is incredibly sleek and quiet. The door panels slide effortlessly from side to side, creating a smooth entry and exit to the garage.

Side sliding garage doors offer the ideal solution for any building with an unusual or awkward specification such as houses with a sloping roof. The minimalist design offered by slide sliding doors leaves considerable space under the ceiling, maximising storage in the garage.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors offer incredible versatility, with doors designed to fit any kind of opening, whether your garage entrance is arched, chamfered or rectangular.

Another great benefit of sectional garage door is the loads of different surfaces and finishes to choose from. This makes it a breeze to change your garage door whenever your home needs a refresh.

Up and over garage doors

Up and over doors are a popular choice for most homeowners as they are attractive, highly reliable and functional. When open, the door rolls up smoothly to align with the ceiling.

Up and over doors are incredibly sturdy and offer distinct functionality over other garage doors.

Swing garage doors

Swing doors offer a traditional charm that harkens a time when people parked horses rather than cars. These types of garage doors require some space to open and close and aren't suitable for narrow or short driveways.

Using historically appropriate hardware creates a more authentic look, especially when the doors are for appearances only.

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