4 Ways To Ensure Your Swing Gates Operate Smoothly

It can be very disappointing for your swing gates to develop problems after only a few months of installation. As such, it is necessary to undertake regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. This article focuses on various measures that you should implement to ensure that your swing gates operate smoothly. 

Lubricate them regularly

Swing gates have movable joints that need to be frequently lubricated to enable the gate to open or close without any problems. Failure to lubricate these gates, especially the hinges can lead to some difficulty when you attempt to open or close it. Additionally, it can cause the hinges to rust and this results in weakness of the gates. This increases the chances that the gates will break down sooner than you expect. To prevent this, the gates should be lubricated several times a month.

Remove any obstacles in their path

You should remove any obstacles that affect the full movement of the gates. Whether the gates open outwards or inwards, they should be able to swing open the entire way. This is necessary because it prevents the gates from hitting hard surfaces when it is being used. Some of the effects of this include damage to the surface of the gate and peeling of the paint. In case the gate is automatic, such obstacles can lead to damage to the swinging arm since they were initially programmed to extend for particular lengths.

If automated, always replace the battery

Automatic gates are preferred by many people because you no longer need to get out of the car to open the gates. As long as you have a remote control, you will simply press a button and the gates will swing open. However, the problem arises when you fail to change the batteries on the remote and the gate fails to open. Under these circumstances, it is almost impossible for you to force the gate open. The situation can be worse if this happens at night and you cannot access shops to purchase spare batteries. To avoid such incidences, you should always have spare batteries in your car.

Ensure the foundation is stable

You need a strong foundation for the pillars that hold up the swing gates. The foundation should be constructed based on the weight of the gates. If you fail to consider this factor, the gates might look stable for only a few weeks and then it collapses. To avoid such a situation, ensure the foundation is reinforced and can sufficiently hold the weight of the gate.

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