How to Choose a New Garage Door for Your Home

Never underestimate the importance of a functional, sturdy, and attractive garage door for your home, as this door needs to keep items inside the garage protected from potential theft as well as weather elements. A shoddy garage door that is damaged and outdated can easily detract from your home's overall appearance, making your entire property look rundown. When you are ready to shop for a new door for your home's garage, note a few tips on how to choose the right material and style, so you know you're happy with that door, and that it works well for your needs, for many years to come. 

Larger garages

If you have a two-car garage, or a garage that is especially large and wide, you might consider the weight of the door that is needed for that size of opening. A large and heavy steel door will put more wear and tear on the chains or spring that actually open the door, and may pull on the tracks and rollers of the door, causing them to bend. A lightweight aluminium or vinyl door might be a better option for oversized garages, and especially if you use that garage often throughout the day, as more use means more wear and tear on all the door's components.


Consider your area's common weather conditions when buying a garage door. High winds might rattle a lightweight aluminium door, whereas a vinyl or wood door won't be as noisy. Harsh, direct sunlight can fade and weather a wood door. Steel doors may be more prone to rust in an area with high humidity, whereas aluminium doesn't rust or corrode. Lots of rain might mean water marks and streaks on a glass door. Consider all these pros and cons of different materials when it comes to your area's standard weather, and this can help you make the best choice overall.


As said, the appearance of a garage door is very important, so don't settle for a standard grey metal door. Note the material of the garage and your home's exterior; if these are covered with aluminium siding, choose a vinyl door to break up the look of all that metal. If the home is brick, a metal door can then be a good choice, powder coated in a crisp white for some contrast. A tinted glass door is an excellent choice for a modern home, and a natural wood door works well if you prefer the look of something rich and traditional.

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