How To Select The Best Garden Shed Door

One of the components that you should pay attention to when buying a large shed is the door. Below are some of the features you should assess while selecting the best prefabricated shed to buy. 


It is preferable for you to buy a large shed whose door has three hinges. Why is this number important? The longevity of the door will partly depend on how easily it can disperse the stresses exerted upon it as you open or close that door. Shed doors with two hinges often bulge in their middle because the process of dispersing the stress exerted on the door is uneven throughout the structure of the door. Three hinges provide a better mechanism for such stresses to be distributed uniformly from the door to the frame in which the door sits.

Door Width

You may be intending to keep bulky items, such as garden furniture, inside the large shed that you buy. Such bulky items require a wide door, such as those that are at least 3-feet wide. However, you may not always need such a wide opening when accessing or using the garden shed. For example, the wide door can let the cold in when you are servicing your equipment during winter. A double door can be a good way to have ample door width when the need arises and reduce the width when large items aren't being carried into the shed. One part of the double-door assembly can remain closed using bolts whenever you don't want to open the door fully.

Door Height

You don't want to keep banging your head against the doorframe each time you are entering the shed, do you? Some large sheds may be imported from countries whose people are of a smaller stature than yours. It is therefore helpful for you to measure the height of the door so that you confirm that you will not have to bend each time you are entering that shed. The door should be about 6-feet or higher.

The Locking Mechanism

It is also wise to think about the security of your belongings when you are buying a large shed. The locking mechanism plays an essential role in ensuring that no one will access what is inside the shed without your permission. Buy a shed with a lock and key on its door instead of one with a simple turnbuckle that cannot be locked.

Other essential components, such as the floor material and the roof structure, should also be given sufficient attention. Get an experienced person to help you during the selection process in case you are unsure about your ability to evaluate all the options objectively.

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