3 Garage Door Upgrades to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Upgrading your curb appeal may bring to mind landscaping options. You may think of upgrading the outdoor furniture, your garden beds or the trim work around the driveway. What you may not think of is your garage door. If you are looking for ways to upgrade your curb appeal and enhance your home, here are three garage door upgrades you should consider.

1. Carriage House 

One of the popular designs that many homeowners choose is a carriage house option. The carriage house design has a variety of styles that can work with traditional homes or modern looks. You can opt for carriage house garage doors that appear like regular french doors or pull handle doors. You can also opt for designs that look like sliding barn doors with traditional wood finishes or rough and rustic finishes. The carriage house options can also match to front doors in the same style to enhance and complete the look of the home exterior.

2. Modern Contemporary

Modern contemporary garage doors offer a sleek and trim design. These designs are available in a variety of metals and even in glass options. The glass options are shatter-resistant and available in frosted or textured designs. The metal options available for the doors range depending on the durability you need and your environment. Keep in mind; most steel doors can take on various colours to match the home exterior as well. These colours, as well as the full door, can be sealed for all weather conditions and coated with ding and scratch-resistant sealants.

3. Traditional Garage Doors

You may find that the current garage door is fine, but it is the look of it that is the problem. If you simply want to update the look of the traditional garage door, there are a few options to consider. You can paint the door with a wood finish stain to make the metal door appear to be made of wood. The wood grain stains and paints come in various wood grains so that you can match the wood to exterior siding or to a wood grain of your choice. You can also use painters' tape and painting techniques to create raised panel looks, Tudor style looks or glazed appearances.

If any of these garage door upgrades sound ideal to you, contact your local garage door contractor. They can help with options, colours and durability options. They can also help with installation and with pricing information.

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