Reasons to Use Rolling Shutters for Residential Storm Protection

If you live in an area that receives a large amount of seasonal heavy rains and winds, then you may be considering ways to protect your windows. One of the methods you can use is roller shutters. If you have not heard of this option for residential buildings, there are some benefits to these types of shutters. Here are some of the reasons to use roller shutters and how they can benefit your home as a security measure against storm damage.

Sustaining Flying Debris

One of the key reasons that windows break during storms is due to flying debris carried by high winds. The debris can crash into the window, causing it to crack, break or shatter totally. By having roller shutters in place over the windows, you put a barrier between the debris and the window. If the debris does dent the shutter, it still will keep your window from breaking and causing water to enter the room. You can also buy roller shutters in various metals, which each offer you different levels of durability and damage resistance.

Seamless Fit

You may not think of the seamless fit of a roller shutter as a reason to use them for storm protection. The truth is, the seamless fit between the shutter and the wall of the window acts as a seal to prevent water from entering the window area and into the room. During heavy rains, the battering rainwater can seep through the sides of the window seals, leaking into the room. The shutters, with their seamless seals, prevent this from happening, resulting in reduced water damage to the room and the window area.

Post-Storm Security

The roller shutters can protect your windows from breaking during the storm, but one of the main reasons to use them can come after the storm. The frequency of looting and break-ins sometimes increases following a storm. This is especially true in areas that were evacuated. The roller shutters will protect your home from easy break-ins and looting. They can stand up to most items that would break a window and they can prevent someone from accessing the window at all. This added security can be a huge benefit to you and to your home.

By considering the reasons to install roller shutters for residential storm protection, you can decide if these shutters are the ideal option for you. If you think they may do well for your windows and storm protection, contact your local shutter dealer. They can help you with options, pricing and scheduling installation.

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