A Guide to Purchasing a Roller Door

Roller doors open by extending above the garage door rather than inside the garage. This is possible since they are designed from horizontal slats that enable the door to curve and bend. This type of garage door is, however, more popular for commercial garages and storage units. There is a wide selection of garage roller doors, and the following guide will help you buy a suitable roller door that meets your needs, preferences and budget.

Types of roller doors

There are two main types of roller doors sold in Australia, namely single skin doors and double skin roller doors. A single skin roller door provides a lot of headroom but is not as insulated, as noise cancelling or as secure as the double skin door. Single roller doors are great for manual doors in single sizes with a spring loading for functioning. Larger single roller doors need motorisation for easy functioning. The double roller door rolls into a more compact size, giving you more room to drive into your garage. It is quieter, electrically operated and offers increased levels of security and insulation.


Roller doors are made using aluminium slats with foam filling and with steel. Aluminium roller doors are manufactured by fitting double foam through the aluminium slats. Aluminium doors fitted with foam serve an insulating function. Steel roller doors are produced in a continuous steel sheet at times with ribbed profiles to enable the door to roll more compactly. The quality of the material is what makes a roller door good. Steel roller doors are a good choice due to their strength and rolling ability. Double skin aluminium doors are also suitable for insulation. Avoid buying cheap roller doors with poor quality material, as they tend to be unreliable. Steel is more durable while aluminium is less expensive than steel.


Roller doors are either manual or electrical. Manual roller doors are spring assisted up to a given size and have a lock at the bottom. You raise a manual door to open it and lower it to close it. While they are cheaper, they do not offer a substantial level of security. Electric roller doors, on the other hand, have both a manual and electric operation system in case of a breakdown of the electrical system. It has an electric motor and control system attached to the door. They also offer easy access such as remote controlled and have at least two mechanical locks for better security.

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