Common Repair Issues in Motorised Garage Doors

Automated garage doors offer many advantages, including convenience and increased safety. Homeowners are able to park their cars with ease as they can conveniently open the garage door using a remote. Furthermore, in comparison to a manual door, automated doors are much safer as they have an alternate mechanism for their lock system. However, as with any automated device, automated garage doors also need repair from time to time. Garage door motor repair services operate to provide garage door repair and maintenance services, which keep these doors functional. 

Here are common issues that arise in garage doors:

Transmitter batteries not working 

Garage door transmitters require a power supply to work; however, if the batteries in the transmitter are faulty, then the transmitter will not be able to signal the door to open. In this case, the batteries need to be replaced.

Track is not aligned 

The metal track on the garage door must be aligned properly in order for the garage door to function. If the garage door is misaligned, then this could be a major issue. Gaps between the garage rollers or bends in the rails indicate misaligned garage doors. This issue can be worsened by the heavy weight of the garage door as it operates on misaligned tracks. Garage door repair services can realign these tracks to restore function.

Malfunctioning garage door motor 

Excessive noise coming from the garage door motor usually indicates an issue. As a motor ages, one can notice it gets harder and longer for the garage door to open. Noises such as creaking and squeaking can be heard. In this case, a repair specialist needs to be called. Another issue with the garage door motor is a malfunctioning circuit board. This problem can be diagnosed when one notices that the outlet has power, but the garage door still fails to open when the remote is pressed. In this scenario, the circuit board will need to be replaced to allow the garage door to function again.

Garage door operating slower than usual 

When one notices that their automated garage door is moving sluggishly, this may also be due to a faulty motor. Other reasons may be a faulty door opener or tracks. A professional can identify the exact cause of the issue to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

Automated garage doors present many repair issues; however, these can be easily resolved by a qualified repair specialist. 

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